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MAY must have:)

1.MAC give me liberty white nail polish

2.Coco rouge


4.Kloset rustic elegance spring summer 10 ring

5.below the knee high waist skirt


Time for TEEs

these are my very very own illustration work for limited edition tees and canvas bag .I cannot exactly describe how good it feel to be able to create something on behalf of myself through my drawing and SELL it !.I know it’s not such a beauty but i really do hope our next gen loves it as much as I do:)

On sale this May at CU first date -Chulalongkorn University(11.05.10)

exact date,place and time will be publish here in daisypolka-

(under the signature of KKM ,please respect copy right )

off with their head!


pigment ink *annasui rose*on paper

A lil’ some of me

Part of my ages ago hobby



here are some of my TRYING to draw !! most of them happen years ago when i still got time to myself but now it rarely happened ’cause now there are times of DUTY !! as you can see all of em are filled with flowers and my mysterious faces that pops up to me every time I draw

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