Hello,all .It is today when my dear Nattaya call for a third opinion on her hard to choose from bag choices “Balenciaga city or Mulberry Alexa” woo!!! that’s damn hard!! but my answer is ofcourse Alexa…and so I think, I’ll give it a post.

Mulberry Alexa (Mulberry spring-summer 2010)are named after and inspired by your very own it’s on with Alexa Chung..Alexa Chung….host of the canceled program “it’s on with Alexa Chung “.The British it girl has now joined to the club of the women who have handbags named after:Historic Grace Kelly(Hm),legendary Jane Birkin(Hm),Jessica Stam (Mj) Gisele Bundchen,(Luella)plus Mulberry had done a Mulberry Agyness before!:).

Alexa is everything a girl would like be :British beauty,a style icon,tv presenter,it girl,model and a rock star girlfriend !. Her style is a playful mixture of everything from vintage blablablaa to top designer pieces .Tomboyish yet feminine .Gifted in matching everything that normally wouldn’t match together.hat is an outstanding side of her which influence people (especially me)in many ways to dress up cheerfully :)

For those bagaholic the price is 595 GBP for tweet Alexa ,695 GBP for normal soft buffalo Alexa,895 GBP for nude slonge lampskin and 795 GBP for oversized soft buffalo Alexa.Mulberry shop online shows that they’re all sold out,omg still in love with this word ,sold out  XXX :)luvly

*pic crd:club21 thailand fb,,


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