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to honey with♥,always


weekend obsession




Do you remember when I went on a  fabric and material hunt?.I finally finish the props !!


My very own re-make BLUEBERRY MAXI DRESS !

For 3 saturdays I had to stay home.Mainly because my bf  has to finish his senior project (no no !not that im’s nice that we stayed home once in a while)plus the city situation isn’t quite well,i’d rather stay home and eat junk(which I totally did) than to be trap in traffic jam and waste time driving through town . Began my obsession to find things to do that’d kill some times.I randomly watch movie ,series and most importantly turn rubbish material into sth wear able for this upcoming Summer!




*ribbon heaven**glits* *material of future prop*

Day of (more)fabric search for Nattaya summer collection  with Nattaya P’arm P’sun ,sum peng area and all around the place

everything is all set ! Let’s hope our shooting on 1*4*10 went well

off with their head!


pigment ink *annasui rose*on paper

working day



Summer collection:Nattaya by Nattaya.

Almost done!!!!this summer is all about natural FRESH n’YOUNG .

featuring with purple polka dot,floral blossom,tangerine orange,partel, and terquoise blue sky.

 ♥ today was such a therapy for me




Asian faces !

Asian model on duty !!around fashion cities these girls are taking over !

Emma pei

(China)totally my kinda face !!!!.Love her

Marc Jacobs


me and the city




Tao Okamoto

(Japan) Love the hair !!! have tried it. Super not work on me!

with Emma Pei at Lacoste

Hyoni Kang


Another Korean fever ! she is the first Asian model who won Ford Supermodels Of The World 2008 !! ranking at no.16

Phillip Lim

Marc Jacobs

Korean Vogue with Hye park



im a person who kinda obsess about changing mobile phone wallpaper or background photo. i feel like it kinda inspire the day of my life and inspire me so i change it almost every day to keep me fresh .today ive been looking through all of my picture files in my pc Here are my favesss !!!!

this one remind me of the time i went to Singapore with my family and Allie. We had hell of a time together .

this one is the first wallpaper of my blackberry :)